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TLC Laser Eye Centers

January 14, 2020


TLC Laser Eye Centers is the largest LASIK provider in North America and its over 7,000 doctors have performed over 2.2 million procedures. While the TLC website does advertise its services, it also offers information and resources to help inform the public about the procedures, costs, candidates, and more.



The TLC Laser Eye Centers website features several different sections that could help anyone considering LASIK surgery, regardless of where they might choose to have the procedure. Under the Procedures tab, users can learn about the different surgeries. There are also sections about candidates and costs for users to get a sense of who might benefit from the surgery and how much it would cost. Finally, there is a Blog tab with engaging articles about common LASIK questions and TLC benefits.



In the Procedures section, users can learn more about the various procedures that TLC Laser Eye Centers offer. These include LASIK Eye Surgery, Monovision LASIK, Topography-Guided LASIK, and PRK Surgery. In each of these sections, users can learn about the procedures and who might be a good candidate for each to make an informed decision.



In the section titled Am I a Candidate for LASIK?, users can start by taking an online quiz to see if they meet the criteria for the procedure. Then, users can find more information about what happens during the procedure, follow-up care, risks, common vision problems, and frequently asked questions.



In the Cost of LASIK section, users can discover how much a LASIK procedure costs from TLC Laser Eye Centers. They can also learn about possible financing options and how insurance, flex savings accounts, and health savings accounts might help offset the costs. There is also a Blog where users can read engaging articles that provide additional context for the information on the website.


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